US utility automates efficiency management


Lincoln Electric System has signed a deal to improve management of its energy efficiency programmes.

The deal with energyOrbit allows the utility to automate management of its energy efficiency and rebates programmes.

Lincoln Electric System will use a cloud-based demand side management platform to report energy efficiency savings and incentives achieved and offered to 135,000 consumers as part of the Sustainable Energy Programme.

The technology will help the utility to make more informed decisions regarding energy efficiency offerings.

The solution provider claims the technology will help increase worker productivity for IT teams.

For instance, the solution is expected to help the utility to improve efficiency and demand-side management operational savings by up to 75%. This will lower overhead costs and ultimately gaining a unit of energy savings more effectively.

The solution is powered the Salesforce platform.

Marc Shkolnick, Manager, Energy Services, at Lincoln Electric System, said: “…we look to build a strong administrative foundation from which to increase customer engagement in our energy efficiency programs, as well as manage new and growing programs that benefit our customers.”

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Nicholas Nhede
Nicholas Nhede is an experienced energy sector writer based in Clarion Event's Cape Town office. He has been writing for Smart Energy International’s print and online media platforms since 2015, on topics including metering, smart grids, renewable energy, the Internet of Things, distributed energy resources and smart cities. Originally from Zimbabwe, Nicholas holds a diploma in Journalism and Communication Studies. Nicholas has a passion for how technology can be used to accelerate the energy transition and combat climate change.