Benin installs its first advanced distribution management system


GE Renewable Energy has secured a contract to modernise energy transmission and distribution networks in Benin.

GE has signed contracts with the government of Benin to help the country to meet growing energy needs while developing self-sustaining electricity systems.

In Benin, GE will supply the country’s first advanced distribution management system (ADMS) to increase energy reliability and efficiency.

The ADMS will be provide utility Société Béninoise d’Energie Electrique with algorithms and predictive analytics to enable grid automation.

For instance, the system will be able to predict issues, identify the faults on the grid and propose a restoration plan.

GE will also upgrade the utility’s substations and telecommunication infrastructure at the National Distribution Control Center in Cotonou.

The project will help Benin to reduce its energy imports, currently at 85% of the country’s total energy demand.

“The Distribution Management System (ADMS) will help optimize energy distribution, reduce electricity losses and minimise shortages.

“This project is aligned with the government’s ambition to efficiently manage the generation from power plants, microgrids and other grid infrastructure to improve the quality, efficiency and availability of power to our customers.

“This system will also help manage the security and maintain control of the grid, “ according to the National Coordinator for MCA-Benin II.