Bidgely brings artificial intelligence to utility customer service


 Bidgely has expanded its industry-first UtilityAI solutions into utility customer service centers with the introduction of CARE.

Through integrating artificial intelligence into power utility and energy retailer customer service centers, CARE reduces operational costs and enhances customer satisfaction while also enabling customer service representatives (CSRs) to drive strategic utility goals.

These include goals such as boosting targeted program enrollment, shifting customers to advantageous rate plans and generating new revenue through selling ROI-driven, targeted products and services.

“While traditional utility customer service reps are limited to high bill analysis based on raw data like general home energy usage and weather, the AI behind our CARE solution acts as an expert in every home who is constantly analyzing each customer’s energy usage. This is giving rise to the next-generation of CSRs who can quickly resolve a high bill call and turn all calls into an opportunity to delight customers with a rebate, a better rate plan relevant to the customer’s home or an energy-saving product offering from the utility,” said Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta.

Bidgely’s patented disaggregation technology behind the CARE solution applies machine learning algorithms to utility meter data in order to create an itemized list of energy usage in the home by appliance. This core information serves as the foundation for CARE, which comprises of four modules:

  • Customer Bill Analyser: AI-powered appliance-level energy disaggregation to arm CSRs with customer usage, comparative models and patterns to solve high bill calls.
  • Action Advisor: Personalized recommendations to increase CSAT; programme enrollment; and use of targeted rebates, incentives and rate plans that drive customer retention.
  • Remote Audit: Empower CSRs to conduct a successful remote audit assessment and share results and recommendations with customers.
  • Engagement View: CSRs get the full view of a customer’s web dashboard and sees how customers interacted with email, SMS, paper, web and mobile channels.  

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