More than 10% of UK Energy from biomass – more than 4 nuclear plants


That’s according to the country’s Renewable Energy Association (REA), which claims the output matches that of 4 Sizewell B Nuclear power stations.

Furthermore, the trade body believes that the biomass used equates to the level of emissions reduction achievable by taking 1.3 million cars of UK roads.

The REA is asking UK ministers to complete policy and regulations surrounding biomass, and renew long-term plans for the sector, whilst also supporting biomass projects. It expects that the sector will offset £21 billion in fossil fuels, and support approximately 46,000 jobs.

According to the trade body, biomass energy provides 96% of the UK’s non-domestic renewable heating, and 7.4% of the country’s total energy.

REA CEO Dr Nina Skorupska said: “Whilst wind and solar rightly get huge credit for their achievements, bioenergy is the little-known leader in British renewables. It offers diverse sources of energy that fuel British transport, heat and electricity – as well as boosting British industry.

“I ask government to take note as we need a clearer ambition from Ministers for this important sector. They promised to provide it, yet that’s two years overdue. Time for action.”