Boost for Central America’s clean energy transition


The International Energy Agency (IEA) and Central American Integration System (SICA) have signed an MoU to promote clean energy transitions in Central America.

Under the MoU, the two organisations will expand their cooperation on energy data and statistics, energy efficiency and climate resilience of electricity systems.

These areas were identified as key for energy transitions and climate change mitigation in the region under SICA’s 2030 Central America Sustainable Energy Strategy, which was released in November 2020.

“The IEA is pleased to team up with SICA to expand our work in Central America, a dynamic region that is home to over 55 million people and has excellent clean energy potential with distinctive transition opportunities and challenges,” said IEA deputy executive director, David Turk.

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Under its Clean Energy Transitions Programme, the IEA has been expanding its collaboration in Latin America. This is taking place both bilaterally with key partner countries, as well as on a regional level through cooperation with leading regional organisations including the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE) and Inter-American Development Bank.

The agreement with SICA, which seeks to foster an integral approach across the countries of the region, marks a first with the organisation.

“Today’s signing ceremony marks an important step for SICA’s work on clean energy transitions – an important priority for our member countries, which can now benefit from the IEA’s leading analysis and expertise,” said Vinicio Cerezo, SICA secretary general.

The 2030 Sustainable Energy Strategy is aimed to deliver a modern, sustainable and diversified energy supply with universal access across the region. In addition to the priorities above, others include regional electricity integration, more rational and efficient use of energy, the deployment of smart grids and electrification of transportation.

SICA member countries are Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá and the Dominican Republic.