British Gas improves overall customer experience with ‘On my way’ platform


UK utility British Gas has commissioned a messaging and location technology developed by LocalZ to improve customer experience and overall efficiencies.

The new ‘On my way’ platforms helping engineers to fulfill appointment promises and the utility to meet an increased demand for “uberisation” from customers.

The technology enables British Gas to deliver real-time automated messages to customers. The project is expected to help the utility to keep its position as the leading energy supplier in the UK.

 When visiting a consumer home for repairs, engineers can send one-click on the way notifications to their next customer. Customers receive SMS or landline phone call notifications with a real-time ETA and live map tracking.

These notifications also support two way communication, allowing the customer to message or call their engineer back with important information, further reducing chase calls into the contact centre.

The solution is being used by 7,000 British Gas service and repair engineers.

“The utilities industry is currently in a transition from a commodities business to a services industry. Today’s customers are becoming accustomed to services that are centred around their convenience and experience. Companies such as Uber and Amazon Prime have created new benchmarks for service. By implementing Localz technology, British Gas is meeting and delighting customers with new levels of real-time communications,” said Technology & Innovation, British Gas. “The Localz solution is a vital part in helping us as our organisation grows”.