British Gas unveils one of the greenest energy tariff on the market


British Gas has launched its Green Future Plus July 2022 energy tariff to accelerate consumer use of green gas and renewable energy.

The tariff is one of the greenest in the energy market and is part of efforts by Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, to tackle climate change and provide consumers with clean and affordable energy.

Consumers who register with the tariff will:

  • Have 10% of their gas sourced from renewables. The green gas will be sourced from Barrow Green Gas.

Centrica partnered with ClimateCare to ensure that 90% of the gas provided to consumers is clean by buying Verified Emission Reduction Certificates from traceable projects verified by the Verified Carbon Standard.

  • Gas customers who will sign with the tariff will participate in the Ecomapua and Woodland projects meaning they will support the growth of 10 trees in the UK per year.
  • 100% of their energy sourced from renewables through Guarantees of Origin certificates or Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates or both.

The new energy tariff will be available for both dual fuel and fixed until 2022.

Sustainability goals set by Centrica include:

  • Helping customers reduce emissions by 25%
  • Deliver 7GW of flexible, distributed and low carbon technologies as well as provide system access and optimisation services
  • Be net-zero by 2050 and communicate their pathway to it by 2030.

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Dave Kirwan, Managing Director of UK Home, Centrica, said: “Customers who choose this tariff will have peace of mind that they are making a positive contribution towards tackling climate change.

“We want to offer our customers different types of tariffs that suit their individual needs and for some that means knowing their energy is from environmentally friendly sources. As well as providing ways for people to consume greener energy, we’ve led the way in electric vehicle charging, distributed energy solutions and we are committed to helping our customers reduce their emissions.”