Itron in California ‘Smart Home Study’


Itron has been selected by the California Energy Commission to provide its load management technology for the ‘Smart Home Study’.

Itron is partnering with Alternative Energy Systems Consulting and other companies to help some 100 consumers in Southern California to better control distributed energy resources (DERs).

The aim of the Smart Home Study is to minimise consumer energy costs and to reduce the negative impacts of distributed resources on the main grid.

Itron will install its IntelliSOURCE Enterprise Distributed Energy Resource Management System.

The solution will allow both the consumer and utility to communicate with DERs such as batteries, electric vehicles, solar panels, thermostats, load control switches, water heaters and electric vehicle chargers.

The solution will allow real-time control of loads from DERs.

Steve Hambric, vice president of distributed energy management, Itron, said: “This project takes a unique approach to energy management that provides a win for both customers and utilities.

“Providing significant savings to users without impacting comfort and convenience, the project will stabilise demand on the grid, nullify negative effects of DERs and still integrate more renewable energy sources into the grid.”