Chemical mega-corporation DuPont commits to carbon-neutrality by 2050


American chemicals and plastics giant DuPont, responsible for the development of plastics, nylon and even Styrofoam, has committed to making its entire operation carbon-neutral by 2050.

The goal is one of several aimed at helping the mega-corporation clean up its operations and lower its environmental footprint, drawing inspiration it says, from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The company also intends cleaning up greenhouse-gas emissions resulting from direct operations and power consumption by 30% and move to a target 60% renewables-based electricity by 2050.

It has promised to align its business and innovation divisions with the SDGs, design products and production processes using sustainable criteria and sustainable chemistry practices, and incorporate circular economy practices into its business models.

Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer for DuPont, said: “Today we put in place a set of goals with specific commitments to steer DuPont forward for the next decade so we can deliver on our ambitions as a global science and innovation leader.”

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