Chicago commences installation of 40,000 smart street lights


As part of the recently announced plan to install 140, 000 smart street lights in the US city of Chicago, the next phase of installation has commenced, and will see 40,000 smart units installed by August 2019.

The Chicago Smart Lighting Programme (CLSP) will install the units on residential streets, alleys and viaducts in neighbourhoods in the city’s South Side, Near West Side and North Side districts.

It’s anticipated that the programme will save taxpayers approximately $100 million over the coming decade, thanks to the new units which consume 75% less energy than the old units.

The programme is being rolled out by the Chicago Department of Transportation, in coordination with the Chicago Infrastructure Trust and Department of Innovation and Technology.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “As we begin this next phase, the programme will reach more neighborhoods and provide more residents with reliable and energy-efficient night-time lighting.”

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