CUJO AI survey investigates connected homes and customer expectations


US-based cybersecurity firm CUJO AI has released the results of a survey conducted to investigate consumer expectations for their connected homes.

The studyThe Next generation of connected experience was conducted in July and August 2018 and comprises 2,600 participants with an AI-based internet security firewall.

The survey investigated three smart home topics, device identification, AI security and digital parenting tools.

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Despite getting closer to Gartner’s prediction of 20.4 billion connected devices, a truly smart experience seems to be light years away
  • Consumers want to keep their privacy and safety online
  • Managing multiple devices is not user-friendly
  • AI security: 87% of consumers are concerned about the loss of personal data and contact information, 77.5% about unauthorised remote access and 74.6% about the loss of financial data
  • 78% require detailed information about threats yet 72.1% prefer to see recommendations related to security.
  • Device Identification: 83.3% of respondents prefer to get full information about device vulnerability to threats, 73.4% want to know device brand, model, and type whilst 61.1% want to know device usage statistics.

The whitepaper is ready for download here…