CyanConnode: Company of the Year for the global smart metering industry


CyanConnode, a leader in narrowband radio frequency mesh networks, has been awarded the 2018 Company of the Year Award for the Global Smart Metering Industry. Frost & Sullivan found CyanConnode’s innovation in the smart meter industry highly impressive.

The award is an acknowledgement of CyanConnode’s ‘path-breaking’ narrowband RF mesh network technologies which are self-forming and self-healing as well as the company’s revolutionary Ominmesh platform that can manage multiple communication systems through one management control interface, thereby significantly reducing complexity and integration costs.

According to Gautham Gnanajothi, global research director, Frost & Sullivan CyanConnode is a leader in the field of narrowband radio frequency mesh networks with products which are likely to be disruptive to existing technologies.  Innovation excellence has placed CyanConnode ahead of its competitors in terms of mesh network topologies in the technology curve.

The company’s “aspiration to have the best-in-class products through continuous innovation, gives it a distinctive edge in the global market,” Gnanajothi continued.

Responding to the award, John Cronin, executive chairman, said: “On behalf of the company, its staff and our global partners, I would like to thank Frost & Sullivan for recognising [us] with their Company of the Year Award for the Global Smart Metering Industry.  [Our] solutions represent the next generation of communication systems which are not only simple, reliable and efficient, they also allow customers to mix and match multiple communication systems on a single command and control platform.”