DEWA unveils Future Shaping Framework to embrace industry changes


The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has unveiled its Future Shaping Framework to address rapid changes within the water and energy sectors.

The utility’s framework comprises three main processes: Foresight, Insight and Action with each phase leveraging tools including strategies, action plans, and pioneering initiatives.

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The framework has nine enablers: Foresight tools, knowledge management, future policy, partnerships, research & development, human capital, performance management, future platforms, and innovation platforms.

Al Tayer, the CEO of DEWA, said: “The Future Shaping Framework is part of DEWA’s efforts to develop resilient and innovative strategies within an integrated framework. This framework includes short, medium and long-term action plans that are implemented according to specific mechanisms to ensure keeping pace with rapid developments in different areas of DEWA’s work.

“In line with DEWA’s vision to become a globally leading sustainable innovative corporation, we are contributing to Dubai’s progress in leading the future, by reworking the traditional concepts of work mechanisms to suit the rapid global changes and strengthen Dubai’s position as an incubator for creativity and a beacon of innovation; to ensure we are at the forefront of cities that anticipate and shape the future.”