DISTRIBUTECH 2020 – We’ve got you covered in San Antonio!


The future of energy is changing – and Smart Energy International has you covered as we explore the changing dynamic, players, services and expectations of the new energy future.

CPS Energy, host utility for this year’s DISTRIBUTECH has seen extreme weather over the last week, with both excessive heat and destructive storms sweeping across the San Antonio. Earlier this week, ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas declared a stage 1 emergency and issued requests for extreme power conservation as temperatures soared and power usage skyrocketed. Power usage in the area hit an all-time high.

Just two days later, more than 3,000 consumers across Alamo Heights were without power as storms rolled across the area.

CPS Energy, in efforts to reduce energy usage, has put in plans to cut demand by 771MW per day – a goal the utility says it will meet by January 2020 – a year ahead of projections.

San Antonio has announced plans to be carbon-neutral by 2050, requiring the city to phase out fossil fuels by that date. Part of meeting this commitment will be met by CPS Energy power plants and by city-wide reduction of energy use in buildings (the current proposal is for 40% reduction by 2040).

In line with these objectives, San Antonio’s Southwest Research Institute has landed a $3 million US Department of Energy grant to design a cutting-edge coal power plant that would emit almost no carbon dioxide.

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