Duke subsidiaries to increase tariffs for grid modernisation


Duke Energy Progress and Carolinas, have filed proposals with the Public Service Commission of South Carolina to increase tariffs to raise funds for grid modernisation projects.

The subsidiaries filed proposals with the Public Service Commission of South Carolina to increase clean energy portfolios and deploy smart grid technologies.

Duke Energy Carolinas, utility service provider to 591,000 customers in South Carolina, is seeking permission to increase revenue by $168 million.

This means consumer tariffs will increase by 12.1% for commercial customers and by 8.3% for industrial users.

‘For residential customers using 1,000KWh of electricity per month, tariffs will rise by $15.57 to reach $129.43.

Duke Energy Progress, serving 169,000 customers, wants to increase revenue by $59 million.

Residential customers suing 1,000KWh will witness a 12.5%/$17.91 increase in monthly bills to pay $142.72.

Industrial customers will see monthly bills increase by 8.8%.

Revenue to be generated will be directed towards:

  1. Expanding low-carbon energy generation resources including natural gas, nuclear and solar resources following a complete shutdown of coal generators in Carolina.
  2. Deploying a new customer information system to improve the consumer experience
  3. Installing smart meters to ensure accurate billing and improve consumer energy efficiency
  4. Deploying technologies that would offer customers the option of a pre-payment plan
  5. Improving outage response
  6. Hardening the grid against severe weather and protecting against cyber and physical threats

In total, Duke Energy serves approximately 7.6 million retail electric customers in six states and 1.6 million customers in five states.