E.ON smart lighting partnership can “make any building smart”


European energy giant E.ON has entered into a new partnership with EnModus, expanding the company’s Connected Energies division to include smart lighting services using EnModus’ technology, which it says can make any building smart.

The partnership will target B2B customers, offering connected power, lighting and heating and follows E.on’s UK launch of its smart home solution. A ‘virtual home assistant’ will learn occupants’ habits, such as arrival and departure times, adjusting settings accordingly.

E.ON has already installed the technology in the research centre in Germany to provide connected lighting and occupancy mapping before adding further smart technologies to improve occupant wellbeing and energy efficiency.

EnModus uses power line communications (PLC) instead of wifi, which is partly responsible for the savings the company claims for clients such as Virgin and Claire’s in the UK.

CEO and co-founder of EnModus, Andy Heaton, called the deal “momentous”.

“They have a vision of transforming yesterday’s power lines into tomorrow’s smart energy networks and enModus has … our … power line communications technology to deliver that connectivity.”

Garance Emmerich-Bundel, head of product management and engineering at E.on Connecting Energies, said “the agreement with enModus gives us the opportunity to offer our customers new solutions that drive energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions”.