Ed’s note: Crisis management

I trust that you are all well and keeping your spirits up. I hope too that you are taking time out to be grateful for the many, many things we still can do.

This is a tough time for people all around the world, economically, socially, financially and physically and trying to keep a positive mindset when surrounded by so much uncertainty is difficult. 

As utilities are adapting to the needs of increased domestic loads and lower commercial and industrial requirements, many are grappling with issues related to service calls to consumer’s homes or protocols around disconnections and meter reading. Many are utilising technology to keep the lights on and the water flowing, others are ensuring that face-to-face engagement with customers is made as safe as possible for both employee and consumer. All are considering what ‘normal’ looks like at the moment and working to ensure they are operating in the best interests of all their stakeholders.

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Here at Smart Energy International, we have been working even harder to ensure we are bringing you the kind of news that will make a difference in your lives – today and in the future.

In my Ed’s note last week I drew attention to the #HeartForTheSector initiative by my colleagues from Enlit Europe and mentioned that we were going to be announcing something alongside that initiative soon.

We are launching a series of global webinars, starting from 6 April 2020 and running to 9 April 2020 wherein we are going to be examining utility responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, we are going to ask: What have you done to ensure you are meeting your obligations to your consumers in exceedingly difficult times? What are you doing to keep your staff safe and your consumers connected? How have you planned and prepared for this eventuality and what learnings can others take from your experience?

As we around the world are all in various stages of the pandemic, I believe we have a responsibility to share our experiences and best practises with those who are at a different point in the cycle. From Asia to the US, Europe and Africa, there are lessons we can all utilise and mistakes we can avoid.

This is truly a situation that has affected every single country in the world – to what extent is still being played out across the globe – but it is the one time that the utility sector can share and engage and show the public the leadership the industry has seen internally for years.

We do hope you will join us as we kick off the series with a focus on Asia on 6 April.

If are you are a utility or government representative and would like to participate in the series, please feel free to reach out to us. Places are limited but we welcome your interest.  

Please continue to follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to find out the latest information. Sign up for our industry alerts if you wish to be kept in the loop.

The Clarion Africa team had what I’m sure is the world’s first Zoombox Karaoke last week and some of the team joined the Enlit Europe Zoom drinks later the same day. What are you doing to keep your teams’ spirits up?

If you want to share how you and your teams are working during this time, we’d love to share those stories and encourage you to send photographs, anecdotes and even voice messages to us.

Until next time – be safe, keep positive and remember: This too shall pass.