Which generation do you think is the most tech-savvy?

Just how much of an impact do generational divisions have on digital engagement? Are some generations more open to digital than others? And if so, which generation? The answer may surprise you.

As the energy/utility sector becomes more digitalised, and technology becomes the default interface for queries and customer engagement, and apps are the first port of call, which generation is the most open to this new dynamic? In the run-up to the next edition of Smart Energy International (our bumper European Utility Week edition), we have been exploring some of these questions.

According to research by the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative, those aged between 38 and 54, are the most digitally-engaged generation – with more than 80% of the market using digital and telephonic communications. In-person contact is less-preferred, though still more popular than with Baby Boomers (55-74), or the Greatest Generation (75+).