EU focus: Elektriveli backs state funding on consumer access to high-speed internet


In Estonia, state utility Elektriveli will invest in improving consumer access to high-speed internet.

The energy provider will add millions to the €20 million allocated by the government to bring high-speed internet coverage to almost 100,000 buildings.

Funds provided by the government will only cover 40,000 buildings.

The news follows after Elektriveli having secured an approval from the Technical Regulatory Authority to develop the communications network.

The communications network will cover regions named ‘white areas’ where there is no internet services and where telecommunications firms in the country have no plans to invest in over the next five years.

Jaanus Tiisvend, Chairman of the Management Board of Elektrilevi, said building the communications network and a smart grid would be beneficial for the utility firm.

He said it will help reduce costs as well allow the development of the next-generation energy and smart city services.

Using the network for smart services such as the real-time operation of streetlights and electric vehicle charging stations will help improve customer services.

The high-speed network will also allow services such as advanced metering and grid automation, a development which would help reduce the occurrences of outages.

In overall, the project would help improve consumer energy bills through the provision of innovative energy efficiency and demand response measures.