Enel Cuore in the field for the COVID-19 emergency


Enel Cuore, Enel’s non-profit organisation, has approved a series of measures to support key organizations involved in providing health and social assistance services in response to the health emergency triggered by the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Italy.

Enel Cuore has identified the areas of intervention in which it will evaluate existing initiatives underway in Italy. More specifically, Enel Cuore will:

  • Provide immediate support for Italy’s Civil Protection Department in its efforts to tackle the epidemiological emergency;
  • Support hospitals, healthcare facilities and agencies in creating new hospital beds and purchasing the necessary equipment in the most affected areas of northern Italy and in the rest of the country;
  • Support Italian non-profit voluntary organizations to ensure their safety and the continuity of their activities;
  • Contribute to the efforts of local governments to support those who have been hit the hardest by the emergency and, afterwards, to support the resumption of community life.

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“At such a challenging time for Italy, Enel, acting through its non-profit organization Enel Cuore, wants to offer real help to support hospitals and local associations, as well as to strengthen the country’s response to the ongoing emergency,” said Patrizia Grieco, Chairman of Enel and Enel Cuore. “We are an Italian multinational company with strong roots at the territorial level, and sustainability is the cornerstone of our strategy. It is therefore both entirely natural and dutiful for our company to help the local communities in which we operate every day.”

To implement these initiatives, Enel Cuore has allocated over €23 million ($25 million) both for projects that have already been identified and for others now being identified. The latter will be decided rapidly, thanks to the dialogue and close coordination with Italian Civil Protection as well as national and regional authorities operating in the front line against the spread of the virus.

To cope with the emergency, e-distribuzione, Italy’s largest electricity distribution company, has already responded by donating connections to the grid (or increasing available capacity) to public health facilities or health service areas, including temporary structures, that have been activated to help manage the COVID-19 crisis until the end of the state of emergency.

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