Enel receives 2019 excellence award for talent management


The European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) in Paris has recognised Enel for excellent talent management.

Enel received the Peter Kraljic Award from EIPM owing to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the utility’s Global Procurement team and focus on value creation and customer experience.

An assessment conducted by EIPM on Enel’s Global Procurement team found that its operations enabled the delivery of solid results with an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages the testing of new ideas, welcomed changes and anticipates future developments.

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Enel restructured its procurement team in 2017 with the establishment of a new role and mission within the Company.

The new vision of “Open Power” has boosted the quality of cooperation between the Group and its suppliers, according to Enel.

The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognises the excellence of purchasing organisations that act as role models, producing an outstanding performance within their company and demonstrating high levels of innovation as well as respect for the environment and society.

Salvatore Bernabei, Enel’s Head of Global Procurement, said: “This award is a major recognition of Enel’s investment in its people to support procurement transformation, maximising value creation and stakeholders experience through its procurement strategy.

“The strength of this strategy leverages on a robust structure, focused on innovation, a proactive approach and particular attention to health, safety, environmental as well as social issues. Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen this open, innovative and sustainable procurement strategy, further contributing to the creation and maximisation of value for Enel and its stakeholders.”

The EIPM Peter Kraljic awards were established in 2010 and since then over 630 companies from more than 50 countries have competed in the programme