ENGIE registers 1,000 new natural gas customers in one year, touts milestone

ENGIE has registered some 1,000 new natural gas customers since entering select commercial natural gas markets one year ago.

The new natural gas customers have selected ENGIE as their service provider since the firm entered the Ohio and Illinois markets in September 2018 and Pennsylvania in May.

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The customers are registered with the firm’s six to 40-month contracts with the most popular ones being the 36-month agreement and the average term is 32 months.

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ENGIE says reaching the 1,000 milestone is a result of extensive work by its sales team and marketing by more than 40 brokers.

The company entered the natural gas markets as part of its efforts to expand its global outreach and to expand its revenue streams at the same time contributing the global energy transition through the adoption of low-carbon energy resources.

 “Customers are clearly choosing to lock in relatively low natural gas prices,” said Joey Moreland, natural gas product manager at ENGIE Resources.