EU initiative helps Tele2 save big in 4G operation


Swedish telecommunications company Tele2 has reduced energy consumption by 2,3GWh per year by participating in the Service Oriented Optimisation of Green Mobile Networks project (SooGreen).

The energy saved powers some 100 self-contained houses for a year.

The SooGreen initiative included some 16 participants from five countries and ran between 2015 and 2018.

The aim of the project was to reduce network energy consumption.

Tele2 designed energy efficient 4G network mobile network able to absorb an increased amount of traffic.

 Viktor Wallstrom, executive vice president of communications and sustainability at Tele2, said: “The SooGreen project helped us understand how Tele2 can optimize energy consumption and implement structural energy savings in our networks. The result exceeded the expectations…”

Tele2 is now working with several actors in the start-up phase of another project called AI4Green which has been initiated by Celtic to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence to optimise resources and energy consumption. The aim is to optimize equipment through widespread use of standby mode.