EUB says no to NB Power AMI investment proposal


The NB Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) rendered its decision on NB Power’s 2018/19 General Rate Application and the application for a proposed Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Capital Project. NB Power will be reviewing the decision and assessing its overall impact.

The EUB decision generally supports NB Power’s plans to deliver low cost, clean energy for New Brunswickers and to make strategic investments in the sustainability of New Brunswick’s energy future.

With respect to the rate request, the EUB has directed NB Power to provide additional calculations and a revised proposed schedule of rates. Once the EUB has reviewed and validated this new information, a new schedule of rates for each customer class and implementation date will be determined.

On the AMI proposal, the EUB concluded that AMI is an evolutionary step towards grid modernisation in Canada and elsewhere, but disallowed the proposed investment in AMI at this time.

NB Power remains focused on the future and ensuring the sustainability of its operations and is committed to providing affordable, reliable, clean energy. The electricity industry across the globe is experiencing unprecedented change compelled by advances in technology, changes in customer expectations and the effect of climate change.

The written decision is available on the EUB website.