Fancy an electric Ducati… scooter?


Sino-Australian motorbike manufacturer Vmoto has confirmed a global licencing agreement with Italian motorcycle brand Ducati.

The agreement allows for Vmoto’s CUx scooters to be branded Ducati through Vmoto’s dealer network.

Any concerns about the new offering simply being a re-badged Vmoto Super SOCO have been allayed by the partners plans to develop a luxury version, albeit at a premium price.

The current scooter has 2.8kW Bosch motor, and boasts a top speed of just 45km/h, with a range of 75 kilometers powered by a 1.8kWh battery.

Even Ducati has recognised that a scooter is not what many people typically associate with a brand steeped in competition history. CEO Claudio Domenicali revealed plans for an electric motorcycle in January, but avoided sharing any further details.

In the meantime, if an electric bike is what you’re looking for, Harley-Davidson has just started taking European orders for its LiveWire e-bike. Here’s the story.