Five ways Congress can modernise the US power grid


Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) and Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum (CRES Forum) have released a policy paper outlining five recommendations to modernise the U.S. electric power grid.

By unleashing advanced energy investment, encouraging innovation in the electricity sector and providing more affordable energy options for all consumers, there are opportunities for Congress to expand the US economy and invest in new energy resources. AEE and CRES Forum offer these recommendations for consideration in an effort to accomplish key economic and energy goals for the country.

The five recommendations embrace different technologies and innovations while also moving toward a more clean, secure, and affordable grid. These ideas include:

  • Streamline Federal permitting for advanced energy projects
  • Encourage grid planners to consider alternatives to transmission investment
  • Allow energy storage and energy efficiency to compete with additional generation
  • Allow large customers to choose their electricity sources
  • Allow utilities and consumers to benefit from Cloud Computing software

“We see several ways Congress can drive market-based solutions that will drive investment and innovation in the economy while bringing affordable energy options to all Americans,” said Dylan Reed, head of congressional affairs for advanced energy economy.

“Advanced energy already represents a major part of our economy as a $200 billion industry supporting more than 3 million jobs across the United States. These ideas can help drive even more economic and job growth while saving consumers money to put back into their wallets,” he added.

”CRES supports an all-of-the-above strategy when it comes to energy. We believe that these market-based solutions offer an opportunity for all Americans to benefit from clean energy technology and policies designed to encourage energy innovation, energy efficiency, and energy storage,” said CRES forum director of policy and advocacy Charles Hernick.

“Our hope is that this guide provides energising ideas for clean energy advocates, thought leaders, legislators, and think tanks alike. We see the value for consumers, businesses, and governments to engage in thoughtful discussion around these topics. These grid modernisation strategies can make a difference for years to come by providing affordable, reliable, secure, and clean energy solutions and advancing America’s energy economy.”

The opportunity for increased modernisation across every state leads to lower energy costs and increased choice for consumers, while spurring investment and job creation for all advanced energy resources across communities nationwide.