Ontario opens 2018 round of Smart Grid Fund


In the Canadian province of Ontario, the Ministry of Energy is accepting applications from smart grid projects seeking funds to test, commercialise or deploy energy technologies.

Applications will be received until March 23.

Funding will be offered through the province’s Smart Grid Fund Phase 1 of Round 4. Calls for applications for Phase 2 round 4 will be announced between March and June after the closure of the current round.

The projects will include partnerships between utilities, government parastatals, community projects and solution providers, as well as on research and development.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Energy, the funding will help modernise the region’s grid network through automation and integration with distributed renewable and smart energy resources.

Funding will be offered to smart grid projects in categories including grid automation, microgrids, local capacity development, energy storage, EV integration, data analytics and proactive customers.

The development is expected to:

• make electricity grids more efficient, reliable and resilient
• harness data to help customers and utility companies make decisions
• make it easier for customers to use new technologies
• allow customers to track and manage energy use
• create savings on consumer bills

In the previous round (Phase12 round 3), the province provided $10.5 million in funding to 12 smart grid projects.

Since launch in 2011, the Smart Grid Fund has provided $200 million to 37 projects, leading to the creation of approximately 800 jobs and $200 million in total sector savings through the use of smart technologies.

Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy Ontario, said:“It speaks volumes when Ontario companies are ready and willing to support the continued modernisation of our province’s clean, reliable and affordable electricity system.

“Our government is committed to providing the tools and opportunities to create the partnerships that will strengthen our grid, while improving affordability for families and businesses.”