JLM Energy closes three commercial energy storage projects


JLM Energy recently signed agreements to install energy storage systems for Modern Postcard, Thermal-Vac Technology and Continuous Coating Corporation, to reduce commercial demand fees, resulting in millions of dollars saved.

JLM Energy is proud to announce these projects are funded through a special $25m project financing fund. This structure allows qualified customers to achieve guaranteed savings on a monthly basis for 20 years, with no money down.

JLM will own, maintain and guarantee system performance. In these respective cases, each solution will generate millions of dollars in savings during the life of the system.

Nate Newsom, JLM Energy’s VP of enterprise sales, said, “Shared savings is a risk-free way to reduce burdensome utility bills. Commercial entities that spend 3% or more of their monthly budget on electricity and/or experience 40-50% demand charges typically are a good fit for energy storage.”

JLM Energy’s storage solutions operate on intelligent software called Measurz. It analyses energy consumption trends and then develops recommendations that automatically optimise energy efficiency.

Users can rely on stored energy during periods of peak energy use, resulting in lower bills.

Thermal-Vac Technology is a 33-year industry leader and premier brazing, heat-treating and metal finishing facility located in Southern California Edison utility territory. JLM will be installing a 750 kW/1500 kWh Gridz energy storage system.

Modern Postcard is a 25-year industry leader in full-service direct marketing solutions and quality promotional printing for businesses of all types, located in San Diego Gas & Electric territory. JLM will be installing a 420 kW/840 kWh Gridz system.

Continuous Coating Corporation is the industry leader in electro galvanising and located in Southern California Edison territory. Established in 1965, as the only electro-zinc line in the Western United States, JLM will install a 180 kW/360 kWh Gridz system for Continuous Coating.

JLM uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, a more structurally and thermally stable alternative than the more common lithium ion.

The energy storage market is being driven by the declining cost of batteries, creating a huge benefit for consumers.