Kerala, India gets $250 million loan to improve resilience


A $250 million loan has been granted by the World Bank to India’s state of Kerala, to help the region safeguard against the impact of natural disasters and climate change.

The Resilient Kerala Programme is intended to protect the state’s assets and support vulnerable and impoverished communities.

The loan was signed by the Indian government, the Government of Kerala, and the World Bank.

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2018 saw landslides and flooding approximately 17% of the state’s population – displacing or impoverishing over 5.4 million residents, mostly the poor.

Junaid Ahmad, Country Director, World Bank, India said: “In response to the unexpected floods a year back, the Kerala Government has invested in institutions and programs to build a resilient Kerala. Its aim is to protect the lives and livelihoods of its citizens in a world of climatic uncertainty.

“The Bank is supporting Kerala through a mechanism of state partnership in priority areas such as transport, livelihood and urban planning.”

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