Lakefront becomes Canada’s first to integrate mobile and website apps


In Ontario, Canada, Lakefront Utility Services has partnered with mobile customer engagement solutions provider, Screaming Power, to integrate its mobile application and website.

The App Outage and Planned Work has been fully integrated with the utility’s website and social media platforms to better inform electric and water consumers.

The integration simplifies coordination of planned work and outages making it easier to manage and closer to real-time consumer access.

Consumers can access data including electric and water billing history, as well as tips on how to improve energy conservation/efficiency.

Alexis Smith, CDM / key account representative at Lakefront Utility Services Inc, said: “This integration is part of Lakefront’s and Screaming Power’s effort to meet Premier Doug Ford’s goals of reducing Hydro costs to the Province’s electricity users.”

The development is an effort to improve customer services, as well as meet changing utility regulations and business models.

The project is claimed to be the first with an energy provider in the US to integrate its mobile application with a website.

Screaming Power will use a Smart Grid Fund secured from the province to equip Lakefront Utilities with more smart grid capabilities.

The funding aims to help the province reduce utilities’ operational costs through the use of internet of things technologies.