“Making straws great again” with Trump’s laser-engraved plastic straws


Current US president Donald Trump appears to have hit on a business, and a source of funding for his re-election campaign, although the idea wasn’t really his.

The president’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale struck on the idea after a paper straw ripped in half, leading him to tweet:

According to the Guardian newspaper, Parscale’s wife urged him on, leading to him voicing the idea of making recyclable, laser-engraved, Republican red straws, bearing the Trump name.

Trump’s business track-record is questionable at best, given his six corporate bankruptcies, numerous failed companies, and revenue losses in excess of $1 billion between the mid-eighties and nineties.

After their release on 19 July, stock sold out in hours. The official Donald Trump website claims that environmentally-conscious “liberal paper straws don’t work” urging buyers to purchase the “laser-engraved” recyclable plastic straws at $15.00 per 10-pack.

Most countries are moving away from plastic straws after worldwide condemnation of their use due to the harmful effects on sea-life. The UK has enacted a law banning their use from April 2020.