Mark-E: Germany’s first offer of a “digital electricity tariff”


Mark-E is the first energy service provider in Germany to offer a digital electricity tariff.

Only customers in the basic supply area of the Mark-E, ie in Hagen, Herdecke and large parts of the Märkischer Kreis, can exclusively use the new tariff, available online since 1 October  2018.

Mark-E is driving the future trend of digitisation to concrete benefits for customers. For this purpose, the energy service provider has agreed to cooperate with Fresh Energy GmbH (Berlin). An APP developed by Fresh Energy is the basis of the new fare offer.

The users of the tariff will be fitted with a smart electricity meter free of charge. This provides all the essential consumption data of household appliances and light sources, which the APP assigns using algorithms to the second with the highest security and privacy settings.

The customer thus receives a “round-the-clock transparency” of his consumption via the APP and is sensitised to potential energy savings.

The settlement by Mark-E takes place monthly and according to consumption. Thus, the customer does not pay on the basis of discount estimates and any additional payments at the end of a billing period. The complete contract is handled exclusively via the online center of the Mark-E.

Mark-E will register some private customers in the next few days and introduce them to the new tariff.

Next steps include helping customers implement savings potentials such as the exchange of electrical appliances with concrete offers.