Massachusetts selects partner for SMART solar projects development


The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), in conjunction with electric utilities has selected a partner for the development of eight solar projects.

Ameresco has been selected by DOER and utilities as part of the the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Programme.

Ameresco has been selected to build solar projects including solar canopies for parking lots, residential solar rooftop arrays and large scale ground-mounts.

The projects will collectively represent approximately 12,000kW, will save approximately 10,300 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The projects include:

  • Three solar arrays (700KW, 480KW and 636KW) for the Towns of Wellfleet, Westport and Hamilton
  • Three ground mounted solar arrays in Erving (4,954KW), Dartmouth (178KW) and in Gardner (2,500KW).
  • Residential rooftop solar arrays to produce 2,000KW of energy capacity
  • Solar canopies to produce 494KW AC in the Town of Natick to power parking lots at Natick High School

The SMART Programme is providing incentives for the development of solar projects with the aim to construct 1,600 MW of new solar PV technology across Massachusetts utilities.

Judith Judson, Commissioner at DOER, said: “Massachusetts is a national leader in solar energy with over 2,300 megawatts of solar installed across all 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth.

The SMART Programme launched with 17 projects totaling 53.273 MW of solar PV.