National Grid recognised for “exemplary” disability hiring practices


The US National Organisation on Disability (NOD) recognised natural gas distributor National Grid for its exemplary disability hiring and employment practices during the NOD’s Corporate Leadership Council Annual Forum.

National Grid, which also supplies the majority of the UK’s gas and electricity needs, is among 59 organisations that have been named a 2019 NOD Leading Disability Employer.

“We are honoured to be recognised as a Leading Disability Employer by NOD,” said Keith Hutchison, SVP of US Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer, National Grid.

“We know we are stronger as a company because of our diverse base of employees who bring different skillsets and experience to the table. Here at National Grid, we celebrate our employees for their individuality and foster an inclusive corporate culture.”

The award is based on data furnished by companies in response to the NOD Disability Employment Tracker a free and confidential assessment that benchmarks companies’ disability inclusion programs in the following areas: Climate & Culture, People Practices, Talent Sourcing, Workplace & Technology, and Strategy & Metrics.

National Grid offers 11 Employee Resource Groups to offer support for employees, including a group called Enabling Disability Confidence. This group is designed to foster a more inclusive workplace where the abilities of all employees are valued. National Grid wants applicants with disabilities to view National Grid as a workplace of choice.

National Grid also works with Monarch, a vocational employment agency, in Syracuse, NY, which provides employment opportunities and training for people with developmental disabilities. Since 1984, National Grid has employed local residents from Monarch at our Investment Recovery Operations in Liverpool, NY. Employees from Monarch have learned how to sort, pack, and disassemble materials which provide them experience and long-term, transferrable job skills.

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 “These winning organisations understand that by welcoming people with disabilities, they reap the benefits of a more productive and engaged workforce,” said NOD Chairman Governor Tom Ridge. “The preeminent challenge before us is to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy the full opportunity for employment, enterprise, and earnings and that employers know how to put their talents to work. We thank National Grid for their leadership and for their commitment to hiring people with disabilities.”