New Jersey to recover $60.4m infrastructure upgrade costs with tariff increase


The New Jersey Natural Gas has filed a proposal with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to recover its investments made in upgrading energy infrastructure.

The energy provider wants to recover $60.4 million used in implementing the New Jersey Reinvestment in System Enhancement (NJ RISE) and Safety Acceleration and Facility Enhancement II (SAFE II) programmes.

If the energy regulator approves the proposal, customers of New Jersey Natural Gas using 100 therms of natural gas will see a 1.1% ($1.08) increase on their monthly bills.

The utility will increase consumer energy bills as from October 1, 2018.

Stephen Westhoven, executive vice president of New Jersey Resources, said:  “The infrastructure investments we are making through programmes, such as SAFE II and NJ RISE, strengthen our system and deliver safe, reliable service to our customers – now and in the future.”

Investments in SAFE II and NJ RISE programmes were approved in 2014 to be made through to June 30, 2018.

The programmes include the installation of 3,300 feet of a secondary natural gas main, the reinforcement of a regulator station in Long Beach Island and installation of approximately 9,000 feet of a secondary natural gas line.

The projects will help minimise the number and duration of outages, improve the utility’s ability to respond to and control service disruptions and enhance the safety and reliability of its system.