New report reveals corporate big spender’s sustainability plans


A new report has been released to highlight progress made by corporates on energy and sustainability.

The report analyses the global trends, barriers and opportunities affecting energy and carbon-management programmes implemented by corporates.

The study helps to understand how businesses with more than $100 million in annual revenue purchase from utilities, manage demand, use data, and develop and finance enterprise efficiency and carbon-reduction programmes.

The study reveals that:

  1. 50% of employees work for firms that have made public commitments to reduce energy usage and carbon and waste disposals. 28% of corporations are specific and ambitious in their goals.
  2. Multinational companies are nearly 10% more likely to make public commitments on energy and sustainability with European based firms leading the race ahead of North American companies.
  3. Access to capital is a leading barrier towards putting into practice energy and sustainability plans.
  4. Businesses have plenty of data, but source, quality and sharing issues continue to stunt the value of the information.
  5. Energy and sustainability goals are driving an increase in adoption of innovative technologies and business models including on- and offsite renewables, battery storage and electric vehicles.
  6. 52% of companies have onsite renewables, 40% have contracted for offsite renewables and 34% are using energy attribute certificates to address the carbon footprint of the electricity they buy and consume.
  7. Environmental concerns are the main drivers of energy and sustainability plans ahead of financial considerations.
  8. Companies collect data from almost three different sources on average (utility bills are the most common, followed by energy management systems, 52% collect from spreadsheets and only 18% gather data from IoT devices).

The study comprises the results of a survey conducted on some 299 professionals across seven industries.

To download the report, click here…