Norway’s Statkraft acquires Vattenfall’s UK EV business


Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, Statkraft, has acquired fellow Scandinavian giant Vattenfall’s UK electric vehicle (EV) business via another recent UK EV business acquisition, Gronn Kontakt UK Ltd.

The acquisition includes the transfer of the current EV charging network, as well its UK staff, to continue management, operations and maintenance of the network.

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Statkraft acquired Gronn Kontakt UK in December 2019, and German EV charging companies E-Wald and eMobility previously.

Anthony Hinde, Head of eMobility in Statkraft UK Ltd said, “Statkraft’s experience with charging in Norway and Germany provides the confidence and scale to make a sustainable and customer focussed business in the UK. In all these markets Statkraft is already present with energy production and comprehensive market operations.”

Tomas Björnsson, head of e-mobility at Vattenfall said, “Vattenfall is taking stock and changing its focus to ensure that the transport offer in the UK is fit for purpose. We will do our utmost to ensure that customers experience limited disruption at this time. Statkraft are a good fit for our current electric vehicle business in the UK. They intend to continue to power the charging points with 100% renewable energy, which fits well with our purpose to enable fossil free living within one generation.”

“Vattenfall has invested over £3.5bn in UK renewable generation and we will continue to invest in developing its core UK renewable power generation, heating, B2B sales and distribution businesses. With this, we hope to play a valuable role in supporting the UK government’s commitment to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Over the coming months, Vattenfall will work with Statkraft to transfer the assets on a case by case basis to ensure there is no disruption to customers. In addition, Statkraft will look to grow the existing network working with existing and new customers and provide an offering of both Rapid and Fast chargers for UK drivers.

A Statkraft report published in September 2019 concluded that electric and hydrogen trucks will be able to compete on price with diesel trucks by 2025, and almost all new private vehicles and more than half of all new heavy vehicles will run on electricity or hydrogen by 2050.

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