Norwegian utility to double UK virtual capacity by summer

Statkraft’s virtual power plant (VPP) in the UK has reached a capacity of 1GW, and the state-owned Norwegian energy supplier intends doubling that capacity by summer.

The utility has achieved this through combining wind power, solar, battery storage and flexible gas generation.

Statkraft’s partner in the venture, energy & meteo systems, monitor output relative to various market prices, and optimise the utility’s portfolio.

The utility has also been taking quiet steps into the UK renewables market, and intends diversifying further into decentralised energy. The company’s VPP in Germany has over 12GW in capacity, and it’s Dorking, UK-based VPP has a 6MW/6MWh battery, which entered service in September of 2018.

 “Our business model in the UK to producers of renewable power involves marketing renewable assets with maximum efficiency – for our partners, but also towards the power market. The idea is to match renewable power production with market demand within seconds,” said Duncan Dale, vice president sales & new products, Statkraft UK.

“The increasing share of renewable energy in the UK will require a maximum of flexibility in the British power grid. By integrating batteries and engines into the virtual power plant and optimising their operations we can provide this flexibility reliably.”