Number of UK customers switching energy suppliers continues to rise


UK energy trade association, Energy UK says some 626,000 customers have switched suppliers in October 2019.

According to the association, the figure is up 9.2% during the same period last year, when a record 5.8 million customers moved to a different supplier.

Of those, the majority (32%) were from larger suppliers to small-to-medium-sized competitors, 29% of the switches were between medium and small suppliers, 23% between major suppliers, and just 16% moved from small and mid-level companies to larger suppliers.

Energy UK’s director of policy, Audrey Gallacher, said: “This month’s figures show that customers continue to take advantage of the increased competition

“With the temperatures dropping across the country, I’d encourage consumers to get in touch with their supplier or have a look online to make sure they’re on the best deal ahead of winter and the cold weather.

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“More importantly, I’d urge everyone to make their homes more energy efficient – for example, by insulating the roof, or installing LED light bulbs – as is the best way to save money on your bills and at the same time, do your bit to save the planet.”