Customers of Octopus Energy to leverage voice-enabled smart home efficiency features


Octopus Energy customers are set to use their voices to shape home energy use and automate their homes in new ways thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, managing how they use electricity relative to real-time energy pricing.

They will be able to adjust energy use and plan consumption around peak and low pricing times and half-hourly tariff updates and save up to £229 per year in the process according to estimates.

The Alexa platform is enabled on more that 100 million devices, and can manage a range of household appliances such as lights, door locks, heaters and speakers.

Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy, said: “Our integration with Amazon Alexa lets customers interact with their energy in an entirely new way.

“By integrating with a service used by millions, we hope to popularise the energy efficient smart homes needed sustainable future and save customers money in the process.”