Google partnership: Consumers to get paid for using clean energy


OhmConnect has announced that it is an official Google partner in the “Works with Nest” programme.

The partnership will offer customers a new-and-improved OhmConnect experience by seamlessly integrating with the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E.

Users will automatically save energy when it’s the most meaningful to community members’ wallets and the environment.

OhmConnect makes it possible for customers to use clean energy without buying an expensive solar system. In addition to enabling consumers to choose clean-energy over dirty-energy, OhmConnect pays community members for saving energy when the grid is at risk of using dirty power.

Since 2011, Google and Nest have saved more than 22 billion kilowatt hours of energy around the globe through the Nest Learning Thermostat, which is enough energy to power the entire world for one hour.

“Our goal of becoming the largest clean-energy provider in the world has been propelled forward by partnering with Google and Nest,” said Matt Duesterberg, CEO & founder of OhmConnect.

“Since the beginning, our customers have been asking for an easier and more valuable smart home experience and now with Google Nest as a partner, we are able to deliver a remarkably smooth, valuable, and rewarding experience.”

With this summer being one of the hottest ever recorded, OhmConnect has seen the highest volumes of energy savings by customers since the company was founded in 2013.

This growth can be attributed to increased consumer awareness, smart home adoption and a fast-growing customer base.

“Nest has been a pioneer in creating a beautiful, smart home experience. OhmConnect is building on that foundation by empowering Nest users to connect to a broader smart grid,” said Matt Duesterberg.

“OhmConnect rewards Nest users to intelligently use the cleanest energy and reduce the need for dirty power in the entire state of California.”

To date, OhmConnect has helped consumers reduce their energy usage by over 2,000,000 kWh; the equivalent of 519 tons of garbage recycled as opposed to going into a landfill.

Additionally, OhmConnect has paid customers over $5,000,000 for saving energy when it’s most meaningful to the environment.