Over 2.5 million UK households unfairly charged for utilities


A new survey conducted by Echo Managed Services has found that just shy of 10% of UK customers have received inaccurate energy bills in the last 12 months.

The survey comprised 1,000 UK households, of which 9% reported irregularities in their energy bill, whilst 7.7% also reported receiving an inaccurate water bill.

Furthermore, 10.6% of energy customers have discovered they are signed up to sub-optimal tariffs and are paying more than necessary, whilst 7% claimed they had continued to be billed even after a service had been terminated.

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Andy Mack, software services director at Echo Managed Services, said: “Clearly, investment is needed to improve the detection of unusual billing patterns in order to establish if an error has been made or to identify other issues such as leakage.

“Companies should look to contact the customer to investigate the issue rather than simply sending out an inaccurate bill.”