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News and analysis concerning policy & regulation in the energy sector, including regulatory changes, bills, laws, utility compliance issues and shifts in government structure and policy. This includes project finance, energy sector surveys and reports on energy market trends, business risks and opportunities, together with information on cross border transmission and distribution.

smart meter

Smart meter rollouts in dire need of regulatory support – study

A new report released by Juniper Research notes that global smart meter rollouts need support from regulatory authorities to move much further.
Orkney flexibility

Ed’s note: Is the future of the energy transition dependent on...

Grid Futurability is the name Enel have given to the transformation of passive distribution networks into smart grids by combining the use...

Green hydrogen – transitioning from niche to mainstream

Green hydrogen faces barriers that are inhibiting its uptake and require an integrated policy approach to grow market penetration, IRENA indicates.
energy environment business growth

Top 5 growth opportunities in the energy & environment industry for...

Frost & Sullivan has highlighted the top five growth opportunities for companies within the energy and environmental industry in 2021.
evs diesel cars

UK’s ban on petrol and diesel cars ‘wasn’t helpful’ say motoring...

A bullish report into the future of Britain’s automotive industry called for decarbonisation of the fuel not the vehicle, with experts saying the Government’s ban on petrol and diesel cars “wasn’t helpful”.

Ecuador could achieve 400MW solar PV capacity by 2030, GlobalData

Ecuador is laying the foundation for 15% solar PV growth over the coming decade, data and analytics company GlobalData reports.
energy storage

Energy storage adoption in Africa

Battery prices are falling steadily, but at what point does battery energy storage become truly financially viable?
carbon emissions china

New concept to help Chinese cities achieve carbon peaking and neutrality...

RMI provides recommendations on how cities in China can achieve carbon emissions reduction goals set by the government.
climate bank

EU member states approve EIB’s 2020-2025 Climate Bank Roadmap

The Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved the financial institutions' 2020-2025 Climate Bank Roadmap.

£1.3 million for energy vulnerability in Latin America

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has awarded £1.3 million to address energy vulnerability and create sustainable energy systems in Latin America.

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