Poll results highlight top concerns for California residents


Smart energy advocacy initiative Energy Upgrade Group has released the results of a poll conducted to learn what consumers are more concerned on regarding social issues.

The results highlight that Californians are more concerned on environmental issues, including water conservation and clean energy use, higher than other social issues.

The majority of poll participants are aware of the positive impact clean energy has on the environment.

82% say they are aware clean energy will result in clean air and less pollution, 71% say it helps protect the environment and 62% on how clean energy combats climate change.

Other key poll findings include:

  • 80% of California residents are familiar with the state’s commitment to increase the use of clean energy
  • 81% of residents support the state’s shift towards renewable energy resources to meet energy demand
  • 72% report feeling a responsibility or social/civic obligation to engage in the environmental movement by managing their electricity use
  • 62% will try to switch their energy use to clean energy practices when they can

Energy Upgrade California has urged residents to adopt smart, sustainable behaviours to allow the state to achieve its new energy vision. The state has set a target to expand its clean energy portfolio in 2019 and become a zero-carbon electricity state by 2045.

The advocacy group has also called for an increased implementation of time of use energy tariffs and for consumers to shift heavy energy use during times when demand is high, between the hours of 4 and 9 p.m.

Smart Energy International has learnt that Sacramento Municipal Utility District and San Diego Gas and Electric have this March started transitioning their customers to TOU rate plans.

Other investor owned utilities in the state will implement similar plans late into 2020.