Stakeholder participation in global microgrid market


Navigant Research has issued a new report that uses US case studies to provide recommendations on how global stakeholders can optimise rollout and management of microgrids.

The report provides strategies for long-term success with or without government support.

According to the study:

  1. Fragmented collections of regulations, standards and policies
  2. Laws enacted after extreme weather conditions
  • Five principles that are succeeding in the US and can be used to expand the global microgrid market include:
  1. Shifting grants to market-based incentives
  2. Targeting funds toward new clean and smart technologies
  3. Choosing projects that foster new financing models
  4. Creating metrics that capture the value of resiliency
  5. Allowing flexibility and midcourse corrections to guide microgrid policies

The report includes lessons learned in several US states including California, New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico and aims to expand key market participants such private sector vendors, utilities and government regulators.

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