Restaurants use three times the energy of average commercial building


Restaurants are the most energy-intensive commercial building type in the US, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Restaurants consume three times the energy of an average commercial building per square foot.

Efforts to reduce operational costs through decreases in energy bills are driving restaurants into adopting energy management platforms.

Recently, True Food Kitchen has signed a deal with ENGIE Insight to provide strategic utility expense and data management solutions across 24 locations in 11 US states.

The aim is to reduce bill complexity, energy consumption and costs and to navigate waste contracts and regulations, as well as setting sustainability strategies. Engie claims centralisation of bill management will help reduce or eliminate processing errors and fees.

ENGIE will also handle the restaurant’s budget development and rate monitoring.

As an initial step to identify and manage costs, ENGIE Insight will collect a full accounting of True Food Kitchen’s utility history in order to build a solid cost and consumption baseline.