#EUW18: Energy provider to nine utilities deploys 1st mobile app


UK municipal utility Robin Hood Energy has signed an agreement with Eliq to deliver its first mobile applications.

The aim is to improve customer engagement.

Eliq will provide customers of Robin Hood Energy with state-of-the-art user experience, enabling them to understand, control and ultimately reduce their energy bills.

Consumers will be able to receive AI-based alerts on consumption spikes and access intuitive self-service tools around billing, payment, meter read submission and budgeting.

The app, which is free to use and download, will be available for iOS and Android devices.

The deal is part of the Nottingham City Council-owned utility to adopt innovative solutions to improve services and scale up operations since its launch in 2015.

Robin Hood Energy also provides electricity to nine other utility companies. Scheduled for release next year, under the deal with Eliq, customer engagement tools for each of the nine energy providers will ensue.

Gail Scholes, CEO at Robin Hood Energy, said: “Customers expect an engaging digital interface from their service providers. Partnering with Eliq means we can provide our customers, and particularly some of the most vulnerable customers, with a free app which will enable them to monitor and budget their energy usage.

“As well as helping customers see the energy they are using we hope this will also increase the uptake in smart meters and help create loyal customers who stay with Robin Hood as an energy supplier,” she commented.

“We are excited to be working with Robin Hood Energy and their partner utilities. We’re looking to make a step-change in customer engagement, raising engagement levels by 10x among mobile users. By helping customers to understand their consumption and get access to better self-service capabilities, Robin Hood Energy will be lowering their costs for churn as well as customer service”, said Hakan Ludvigson, CEO and founder at Eliq.