Rolls-Royce and GETEC partner to deliver DER in Europe


Rolls-Royce and German energy provider GETEC have signed a deal to design, build and operate decentralised energy systems in Europe.

GETEC Group comprises three companies that together cover the energy food chain, including supply, trading, network operations, battery storage and renewables. Rolls-Royce will add to this its via its MTU Onsite Energy brand, which offers diesel and gas gensets, control systems and battery containers for emergency standby and continuous power, plus CHP plants and microgrids.

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Andreas Görtz, vice-president of Power Generation Business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said that “the energy world of tomorrow is decentralised, efficient and innovative. These are characteristics that both GETEC and Rolls-Royce, with its MTU Onsite Energy brand, embody to the same degree. It also means that the partners not only match in technological terms, but also in terms of their values.”

GETEC Group chief executive Thomas Wagner said that the cooperation agreement would “provide our joint customers with optimum economic and sustainable solutions and in this way reduce their carbon footprint”.

The aim of the collaboration is to supply and operate efficient and environmentally-friendly decentralised energy systems, such as CHP plants, on and off-grid microgrid solutions, and energy-related services and energy-efficient solutions in contracting.

Both partners will also jointly develop new solutions for the supply of energy to industrial companies and the property sector.

The new agreement between the companies builds on an existing partnership that has in recent months seen the design and commissioning of a new microgrid for German automotive components supplier Winkelmann in Ahlen. A total of six CHP modules and an instrumentation and control system from MTU Onsite Energy have been integrated into the plant. To compensate for production-related load variations of up to 1.5 MW in a matter of seconds, GETEC and Rolls-Royce have additionally connected two flywheel storage systems and a battery storage system to the system. In total, over 9 MW of electrical power and just under 10 MW of thermal output are available for the operation of the industrial company. This has enabled Winkelmann Powertrain Components GmbH to disconnect itself completely from the public grid and operate its own efficient energy system.

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