Codra goes to African Utility Week 2019 to sustain South African energy transition


This is a unique opportunity to meet South African power, water and energy industry major companies to bring our expertise to sustain South African energy transition.

We are convinced our SCADA product fits perfectly to the south-African market, local industries and state-owned entities can get huge benefits from a Panorama based solution. They can handle their entire business : energy production, transportation & distribution, local process to entire manufacturing monitoring, facility management, Geo-SCADA, etc…, with a unified and open platform rather than going through different specialized solutions. In addition, they can trust our skilled south-African system integrators network and capitalize on the experience from overseas as well.

Our Panorama Suite is composed by standalone, combinable and complementary software: a communication gateway that comes with a bunch of standard protocols, a SCADA for the real time value exploitation to enhance operational performance and an Historian for the delayed time value analysis based on reports.

Every software of our suite is based on the same design workshop to increase productivity. Open design they are all fully object-oriented and are open to any customized extensions as well. We can actually easily integrate, the same way the native features are, anything like a proprietary protocol or an advanced scientific calculation module or a specific graphic representation etc. It is also possible to configure an application automatically trough an importation tool able to interpret any existing proprietary description files or databases saving a huge amount of engineering time.

With over 40,000 licenses deployed we’ve been driven to success everywhere we are installed not only because of the intrinsic qualities of our products but also because we are independent from any hardware manufacturer or complementary software editors like MES, ERP, Asset Management system,

Choosing the hardware and software agnostic solution Panorama provide our customers with the freedom they deserve and bring them back the control from the beginning and for the entire lifecycle of their projects.

#SCADA, #Cybersecurity, #Interoperability, #Industrial IoT, #Mobility and #Analytics will be the keynote themes that we will be presenting on French Pavilion 5 at AUW 2019, Cape Town, South Africa from 14 to 16 may.

Who is Codra?

Codra is a French company specialized in industrial information technology, with more than 30 years of experience. Codra ensures its international presence through Codra Software Limited, a structure governed by English law, based in Manchester UK. With references on the five continents, Codra wants to accelerate its export growth, in particular in South Africa through a Panorama Expert based in Johannesburg who makes connection with our local distributors: Adroitly and Ruletrax.

We are the publisher of the product called ‘Panorama Suite’, a generic industrial software SCADA platform.

We are proud to find our roots into the nuclear industry making our products designed to be both robust and durable with a guarantee of forward compatibility as well.

We are also keen to offer an open and generic solution in order to address a wide range of industries including BMS, FM, public transportation, energies (nuclear, coal and renewables), water production & distribution, sanitation, and any manufacturing, goods, chemicals and pharmaceutical, food and beverages…

Local business Contact:

Nicolas HAMEL

Panorama Expert


Direct line: +27 (0) 64 551 3251

Press Contact:


Communications Officer


Direct line: +33 (0)1 60 92 93 10


Immeuble Hélios – 2 rue Christophe Colomb

CS 0851 – 91300 Massy – France