Scotland to focus on EV and energy efficiency infrastructure


Scotland’s public infrastructure plans will focus on energy efficiency and electric vehicle charging. That’s according to the Scottish government’s independent experts, the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT).

The trust work alongside the Scottish government as well as the private sector, to advise on maximising the value gained from infrastructure development in the country.

The trust has outlined a five-year plan, in line with the country’s National Infrastructure Mission to increase investment in the sector from £5.2 billion in 2019-20 to £6.7 billion in 2025-26.

The SFT argues that low-carbon infrastructure is vital to ensuring the development of better-insulated buildings and EV charging points to promote the decarbonisation of heat, and the adoption of clean transport, as well as a number of other areas of the economy in which it believes this funding should be partially-allocated.

The trust also noted that upgrades are required for digital infrastructure to facilitate the deployment of 5G technologies, and increase 4G coverage so that smart technologies can be adopted on a larger scale.

The SFT has also advised that improved maintenance and resilience will benefit both users and the environment, which would free up budget that can be reinvested into decarbonisation.

Peter Reekie, CEO of the Scottish Futures Trust, said: “Delivering high quality, well-functioning infrastructure to support and accelerate economic growth will achieve social and environmental benefits right across Scotland.

“Building the economy is our focus, and we will continue to provide innovative investment models to stimulate additional private sector investment and create jobs.”